Simple Taxable Refund Calculator ( Oregon Only)

Use this calculator ONLY if ALL of the following conditions are met for the REFUND TAX YEAR:
  • Refund amount on 1099-G (postcard) equals refund amount on the Refund Tax Return
  • There were no unused credits on the Refund Tax Return
  • No other refunds or reimbursements of Schedule A amounts on the Refund Tax Return
  • No state sales tax on Schedule A on the Refund Tax Return
  • No NOL carry forward on the Refund Tax Return
  • If TP filed as MFJ on the Refund Tax Return, they are filing MFJ in current year
Otherwise use the calculator at Calculator.html.

This table is for refunds received in TY2019 for PRIOR tax years.
Taxpayer's Name
Year for which the refund was issued:
*Federal Filing Status Single MFJ MFS HOH QWD
For Refund Tax Year TP 65 or older TP was blind
For Refund Tax Year Dependent on another taxpayer's return Spouse itemized
SP 65 or older SP was blind
*Refund Amount (1099-G)
*Schedule A State Taxes (Line 5)
*Schedule A Itemized Deductions (Line 29)
*Form 1040 Line 41 (AGI - Deductions)
*Form 1040 Line 42 (Exemptions)

The Taxable Oregon Refund is:
    Enter into TSO Federal>>Income>>State and Local Refunds
    Enter into TSO State>>Subtractions from Income

Details on Calculation of Taxable Amount
1. State Tax Refund (capped by Sched A Line 5)from TY2017 return
2. Total of Other Schedule A Reimbursements
3. Line 1 + Line 2
4. Itemized Deductions
5. Amount Previously Refunded
6. Line 4 - Line 5
7. Standard Deduction
8. Line 6 - Line 7
9. Smaller of Line 3 and Line 8
10. Taxable Income (1040 Line 41 - Line 42)
11. Taxable Refund Amount

Information: As of Dec 10, 2019, TaxSlayer Online did not calculate State Refunds correctly in all cases. Use either this calculator for simple refunds (see restrictions above) or Calculator.html for more complicated refunds.

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