Special Oregon Medical Subtraction (SOMS)
and Self Employment Health Insurance Calculator

Use this Calculator for: More detailed instructions are at the bottom. Calculator includes workaround for 2016,and 2017 Tax Slayer Error. Items marked with an asterisk are required

Medical Expenses Table
The data in the green cells are the values to be entered into TSO Federal Schedule A Medical Expenses Screen.
Data in the orange cells are the SOMS amounts to be entered into TSO. Data in the red cell should match Schedule A Line 1.
Taxpayer's Name
*Tax Year       Calculate Self-Employment Insurance Yes No
Only enter Schedule A expenses not entered elsewhere on the return e.g. do not enter self employed
insurance premiums from Schedule C.
Use TSO Column to enter Federal Schedule A Medical Expenses into TaxSlayer.
(Row sequence is the same as TSO. Doctor and Dentist Expenses are added together in the Doctor Row.)
Medical Expenses Taxpayer Spouse
If filing
Other Medical
Subtotals TSO Schedule A
Medical Expenses
Medicare Insurance Entered on SSA-1099 in TaxSlayer
Other Medical Insurance
Doctor Copays
Prescription Drugs
X-rays, Labs and Tests, etc
Nursing Help
Hospital Care
Alcohol/Drug Rehab
Medical Aids (Glasses, Hearing Aids, etc.)
Long Term Care (Enter $ up to the limit) Separately Enter Each
Individual in TSO
Total Medical Expenses
Grand Total <-- Verify equal to Schedule A line 1

STEP 1A: After assembling Taxpayer's medical data:
  1. Enter the Medical Expenses into the Medical Expense table (the 1st table).
  2. Click the "Calculate the Medical Expense Totals" button.
  3. Enter the data in the green cells into TSO Federal Medical Expenses. The data is in the same sequence as the TSO entry cells.
  4. Enter the data in the orange cells into TSO Special Oregon Medical Subtractions.
  5. If using S-E Insurance DO NOT ENTER any of the three insurance line amounts into TSO. These make up the S-E Insurance Amount.
STEP 1B: Only appears when using Self Employed Insurance (which is not eligible for the premium tax credit)
  1. Complete the federal return. Including entering the insurance and LTC amounts into the S-E Health Insurance Form on Schedule C.
  2. Enter the amount from into the designated box.
  3. Click on the "STEP 1B: Calculate SE adjustment" button. This will subtract the amount of S-E Insurance from the totals. The Grand Total should now agree with Schedule A Line 1

Please report any bugs or discrepancies or suggestions to joe.bowman.ta@mindspring.com with as much information as possible to help resolve the issue.