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Oregon Pub 17 Link Link Link Link Link
Pub OR-40-FY Full-year Resident Link Link Link Link Link
Pub OR-40-NP Part-Year/Nonresident Link Link Link Link Link
How the Stimulus affect Oregon Taxes N/A N/A PDF N/A

Tools & Worksheets

What 2023 2022  2021 2020 2019
ASCE Worksheet (Adds, Subs, Credits, Exemptions) Link Link  PDF PDF PDF
Working Family Household & Dependent Care Credit (WHFDC) InstructionsForm
OR-WFHDC Schedule Link Link Form Form Form
Definitions: Personal & Disability Exemptions PDF
OR-STI Form State Transit Tax Link Link Link Link Link
OR W-4 Form for withholding Current Link
How to report a data breech to DOR   Current Link
Portland Arts Tax Link PDF PDF    
Multnomah County Business Income Tax
& Tri-Met Self-Employment Tax
Washington State Working Families Tax Credit   PDF-1
Oregon Practitioner Help Line
(503) 947-3541 || Email:  prac.revenue@oregon.gov

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