Training & Certification

Training & Certification

All Tax-Aide/NTTC Training is available HERE – requires a password

Oregon Training Specialist: Wendy Genther —

Click to download a “clickable” PDF version

Training Resources Available for All Counselors

Training is available via Oregon Tax Volunteer developed Moodle, Tax-Aide/NTTC, Link & Learn, and TaxSlayer. We highlight Moodle & Tax-Aide/NTTC on this website. Each district is free to develop their own in-person training in conjunction with these resources or in place of it.

NOTE: If links do not work in the PDF document, please download it.

Training Resources for Facilitators, Translators, Admin & Tech

Certification Requirements for All Volunteers

All tests must be completed on Link and Learn . Volunteer Agreements (form 13615) are signed and downloaded from Link and Learn. Link and Learn due to be updated in mid November 2023.

  Stds of Conduct Intake Interview & QR Advanced Tax Law Military International
Greeters Required        
Facilitators Required Required      
Counselors & QR Required Required Required  Optional  Optional
Instructors Required Required Required  Optional  Optional

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