TaxSlayer Problem??

If the system acting slow or going down do the following:

  1. Check the TaxSlayer Blog directly. Chances are there will be a post with updates.
  2. If a Blog post isn’t there, attempt to call TS Support at 800-421-6346. You will need your SIDN.
  3. If busy, send them an email.
  4. Watch for the Blog entry. Monitor the Blog entry by refreshing/reloading it.

If the system is working as normal:

Report it to: (TSS). If they tell you it has already been reported, ask that you be put on the list to receive a notification when fixed.

In the TaxSlayer Blog, one can also find “What we know now” list. We will no longer maintain that list on this website.

If you have questions on how to do something, use TaxSlayer Chat:

From inside a return, select Help and Support, then choose Chat.

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TaxSlayer Blog

In the Blog you can find the lists of known issues, those resolved, release notes, and the enhancement list.

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